Choosing your Python editing weapon

Well a few days passed since I got a micro:bit… Started out with MakeCode to play around with it, but the goal was python. For this I switched to mu-editor at first. A great editor… I like the check en tidy function. But I missed the simulator I had...

Starbit Commander II

Well on my quest to learn python, I poked and peeked around on the web of inters. And came across some nice sites about the micro:bits, projects and coding. One site inspired me to create a python version of Starbit Commander. This site is home to a lot of...

Micro:bit Fireflies

My first attempt to write some (micro)Python code. Fireflies. This leds simulate fireflies in the air… btw. I found that display.get_pixel does not return the correct value for the brightness of a led on a micro:bit. I created this function to correct this behavior in the code (fixPixelBug).